Zambian Dividend Payment

Zambian Dividend Payment

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Further to the dividend payment announcement made on the 14th July 2020 and in compliance with the requirements of the Securities Act No. 41 of 2016 of the Laws of Zambia and the Listing Rules of the Lusaka Securities Exchange, notice is hereby given that Shoprite Holdings Limited has initiated the process to effect the payment of the accrued dividend and interest payable that have been suspended since November 2011 to Class A, B and Class C shareholders (the “Shareholders”) on the Zambian Register who did not form part of the previous consent order.
The Shareholders will be paid their dividend and interest in accordance with the Consent Orders dated 27th January 2021 and 1st February 2021 respectively.
The schedule of Class A, B and Class C shareholders who are due for payment can be inspected at the transfer secretary’s office whose address and contact details are indicated below.
ShareTrack Zambia
No. 10 Jasmodine
Great East Road
Lusaka, Zambia
Tel No.: +260 211 374777 /78 /79
Fixed Mobile Tel Nos. +260 96 064 0613; +260 77 777 4775

The interest payable will be that accrued to the shareholders for the period between 1st August 2011 and the cut-off date of 31st September 2020.
Class A, B and C shareholders that are affected by this announcement are requested to contact the transfer secretary to provide and/or confirm their bank account details as payments will only be made by electronic funds transfer

By Order of the Board
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