Mandatory Offer Circular

Mandatory Offer Circular

| Chilanga Cement Plc | Mandatory Offer Circular


This Circular is important and requires your immediate attention. Please take careful note of the following
provisions regarding the actions required by shareholders.

If you have disposed of all your Chilanga Cement Shares, then this Circular should be forwarded to the broker, banker or agent through whom you disposed of such Chilanga Cement Shares except that this Circular should not be forwarded or transmitted by you to any person in any territory other than Zambia, unless the Circular can lawfully be distributed to such person or in such territory.

Chilanga Cement does not accept responsibility and will not be held liable for any act of, or omission by, any Custodian or Broker, including, without limitation, any failure on the part of the Custodian or Broker or any registered holder of Chilanga Cement Shares to notify the holder of any beneficial interest in those Chilanga Cement Shares of the Offer as set out in the Offer Document and this Circular.


Shareholders of Chilanga Cement are referred to the separate Offering Document to Chilanga Cement
Shareholders sent to them by Huaxin (the “Offer Document”) stating the details of the mandatory offer (“Mandatory Offer” or the “Offer”) that Huaxin has made to the Chilanga Cement shareholders in compliance with the Securities Act.

In terms of that Offer as set out in the separate Offer Document, the options available to Chilanga Cement
Shareholders are the following:
▪ to accept the Offer in respect of all your shares;
▪ to accept the Offer in respect of part of your shares; or
▪ to reject the Offer.

If you wish to reject the Offer, you do not need to take any further action.

If you wish to accept the Offer, you must do so in the manner prescribed in the Offer Document.

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