Notice To Shareholders

Notice To Shareholders

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Due to the advent of the COVID pandemic, we have embarked on exercise to ensure that we have
up-to-date contact details for our registered shareholders. To enhance effective communication and
distribution of dividend payments, shareholders are kindly requested to update their bank account and
address details (email, telephone, physical address, etc.) through our Share Transfer Secretary –
ShareTrack Zambia.
The shareholder mandate form can be collected at ShareTrack Zambia registered office or
downloaded through the ShareTrack Zambia Share Registry Services portal –

Unclaimed Dividends
British American Tobacco (Zambia) Plc has paid dividends for the past 11 years (2006 to 2017). All
shareholders that have not been receiving their dividend in any of these years mentioned above are
encouraged to lodge their claims through British American Tobacco Zambia Plc registered office or
our Share Transfer Secretary.

Share Transfer Secretary Contact Details:
ShareTrack Zambia
Spectrum House
Stand 10, Great East Road
Land Lines: +260 211 374777-79
Fixed Lines: +260 960 640 613; +260 77 7774 775

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