Zambia’s First Electronic
Notices Website

That Provides Fast Access to Official &
Important Notices

Zambia’s First Electronic
Notices Website

That Provides Fast Access to Official &
Important Notices

eNotices is the easiest, safest and most reliable way to communicate official notices.
Reach thousands of people and save money on long press ads. Never miss a notification, archive and download notices.

How it Works

eNotices Zambia is an online platform that will complement your traditional print notices by:


Increasing exposure through online publication and sharing of notices for an extended period of time;
Reducing the frequency of your organization needing to issue print notices and thereby saving money; and
Reducing the advertising space needed for print notices.


A centralised database of notices draws more public interest and generates more exposure to your notice than publishing it only on your own organisational website.

Prospective Client

Interaction with prospective clients through marketing campaigns, events, emails, in person visits, calls and meetings. Gather contact information.

Client Consent

Client agrees to our terms and conditions and buys into our Value proposition of service offering.


Completed KYC document by client and engagement letter.

Client Page Created

As a basic service, eNotices platform will have a dedicated page to each client containing details of the business description, the business location and information on how to get in touch with your business.


Clients will submit notices based on systematically designed notice category database. Notices will be submitted via email in a prescribed format with proposed period for publish.

Sales Quote

Notices will be formatted and uploaded into the eNotices platform using automated tools embedded in the system. Clients will be sent quotes for specific notices to be published.

Sales Invoice and Payment

Clients are invoiced and payments made towards the notice associated with the specific client for the period indicated. System notified of successful transaction.

Notice published on eNotices platform for the general public to view.

Notice accessible for the duration agreed before automatically expiring.


Public notices have traditionally been published in newspapers to allow for effective dissemination in the community, easy public access and for legal record/requirement and preservation purposes. They are a powerful stakeholder communication tool. Nowadays many members of the public no longer consume traditional media or live and work outside its reach. The digital age is now main stream and organizations must engage with a public that has enthusiastically adopted the internet.






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